October 7-8, 2016


Lima, Perú


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20 Professional Speakers

ABOUT THE EVENT Talent, Innovation and Purpose

Talent, innovation and Purpose are the guiding forces to create a better world and quality of life for individuals and organizations, helping people to achieve their best version, live their uniqueness and connect their lives with purpose.

Join this congress and get in contact with top notch speakers and trainers from all around the world showing how your Coaching can be empowered by the awareness of these dimensions, creating extraordinary results for you and your clients!

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About ICC International Coaching Community

The International Coaching Community serves individuals and organizations from more than 60 countries providing top notch Coaching education at every level, including Life, Business, Teams and Executive Coaching training.

ICC has now more than 11.500 certified Coaches from all around the world creating a global community for professional coaching.

About ICC

About Escuela Nanka ICC Representative and Congress organizer

This International Coaching Congress 2016 is organized by Escuela Nanka, directed by Sandra Alfaro Vargas, its founder and director and is your contact point to join this fantastic professional community.

Escuela Nanka provides a complete set of Coaching Training and Certification programs focusing on talent development for individuals and organizations and we are supporting  entrepreneurship as a way towards innovation and connecting people with their purpose.

About Escuela Nanka

Event Schedule Life-Changing Topics and Inspiring Speakers From All Around The World

Alisa Miniotaité

Manager’s daily coaching tools in employee development

This workshop is attributed to HR managers and specialists, managers, supervisors and leaders, coaches working in the areas of people management, career development, organizational behaviour. The workshop will analyse
Marcela Parga

Talent and Evolution

Knowing our talents and motivations makes us aware of our evolution and growth. Companies today are looking for talent in a broader sense. People seeking balanced in their personal
María Consuelo Morales

Powerful Questions: Coaching for Talent Selection

The aim of this session is for the participants to discover how the use of coaching's powerful questions help us achieve a more effective selection process, identifying the talents
Leyla Suarez

Transcendence of Female Leadership from the Multiculturalism

In this talk, participants will find the values to transcend Female Leadership from a multicultural stadpoint, which generate a legacy of transformation to preserve Human Life. About Leyla Suarez: Master Coach ICC
Andrea Lages

The compass of the soul

Andrea Lages, ICC co-founder and Master Trainer will be sharing the learnings from The Camino, a journey for the soul through Santiago de Compostela and sorroundings, a compass for
Luciano Viana

Searching for meaning at the workplace

Inspired by the famous books “Man´s search for meaning” from Viktor E. Frankl and “Are you ready to succeed” from Srikumar Rao, this speach aims to inspire and support
Karyn Trader-Leigh

Reinvent Performance Management-Build an Agile Coaching Culture

Today’s organizations work in dynamic and unpredictable environments. Innovation in this context requires an adaptive organization capable of leveraging performance, while supporting employees. This requires creating a coaching culture
Joyce Veloso

Eneagrammatic Coaching for Talent Development

In this session participants will learn and incorporate a new tool to their diagnostic abilities in comprehensive coaching. The Enneagram is a great tool that has more than 3000 years
Patricia Zambrano

Purpose: the hidden power

About Patricia Zambrano

She is the General Manager at Impel Monterrey, where she serves as Executive, Life, and Team Coach. She is also an instructor for national and multinational companies
Sonia Colombo

Talent, Learning and Functionality

About Sonia Colombo

Sonia Colombo, Executive Director of Perfiles & Competencias, ARL, Dominican company, specialized in Coaching and training for individuals, companies and organizations. Degree in psychology and a master in

The organization reserves the right to change or update the program and speakers mentioned in this web site.

Event Speakers Meet with The Greatest

Alejandro Feiges

ICC Trainer - Argentina

Alisa Miniotaite

ICC Trainer - Lithuania

Andrea Lages

ICC co-Founder and Master Trainer

Daniel Barrero Arias

ICC Trainer Ecuador

Joyce Veloso

ICC Trainer - Chile

Luciano Viana

ICC Trainer - Brasil

Ludmila Frolova

ICC Trainer - Russia

Marcela Parga Fernández

ICC Trainer - Spain

María Consuelo Morales

ICC Trainer - Nicaragua

Natalie Vasina

ICC Trainer Russia

Patricia Zambrano

ICC Trainer - México

Ricardo Alonso

ICC Trainer - Mexico

Sandra Alfaro Vargas

ICC Trainer - Perú

Sonia Colombo

ICC Trainer - Dominican Republic

Viviana Quintero

ICC Trainer - Colombia

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Full access to two days Congress with International Trainers
Participation diploma by ICC and Escuela Nanka
Raffles and Sweptstakes for ICC Trainings scholarships by Escuela Nanka
Keynote and workshops
Networking with coaches from different countries

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Full access to two days Congress with International Trainers
Participation diploma by ICC and Escuela Nanka
Raffles and Sweptstakes for ICC Trainings scholarships by Escuela Nanka
Keynote and workshops
Networking with coaches from different countries

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